Does insurance cover dental implants?

It depends on the terms and conditions of your policy. Many dental benefit programs are not reimbursing for replacement of missing teeth with dental implants.

When are dental implants necessary?

Dental implants are very useful to replace missing teeth because they don’t require alteration of adjacent natural teeth. Dental implants also are helpful to anchor complete dentures.

Invited Speaker

Dr. Breitman will be one of the features speakers at the American Academy of Prosthodontists in Austin Texas in November.  He will be presenting a new Diagnostic Index for Maxillofacial Prosthodontics. Later that week in Austin, he will be speaking at the American college of Prosthodontics Educators Conference.  He is Co-Chair of the Prosthodontics Diagnostic… Read more »

See a Prosthodontist to restore your smile with full-arch Implants

For patients who are missing all of the teeth in one arch, or have a poor prognosis for the remaining teeth, a prosthodontist may recommend a full-arch restoration on implants as a treatment option. As few as 4 implants can be inserted into the jaw to REPLACE some of the missing tooth roots and a… Read more »

See a Prosthodontist to replace multiple missing teeth with an Implant Bridge

If a patient is missing multiple teeth in one area of the mouth, a prosthodontist may recommend to REPLACE them with an implant bridge. Just like a tooth-borne bridge, the implant bridge RESTORES multiple missing teeth, supported by less implants than the number of teeth that are missing. For example, if a patient is missing… Read more »

See a Prosthodontist for Restorations involving Dental Implants

A prosthodontist may utilize an implant to replace the root of a missing tooth. Implants are most commonly made of a titanium alloy, are screw-shaped, and are surgically placed into the jawbone by a dental professional. What you see of this process is the restoration, or new tooth, attached to the implant! When treatment is… Read more »

See a Prosthodontist to replace a missing tooth with a single-unit Implant Crown

When a patient is missing a single tooth, a prosthodontist may recommend to REPLACE it with a dental implant. Once the implant is placed and the bone has healed, a crown is fabricated to RESTORE the missing tooth. When treated properly, an untrained eye (and sometimes even a trained eye!) wouldn’t know that it’s an… Read more »

Prosthodontists Replace missing teeth, Restore damaged teeth, and Renew your smile!

Prosthodontists are dental specialists who utilize a variety of treatments to replace, restore, and renew your smile! This week we will be highlighting some implant related procedures that can help you smile again. An implant replaces the root of a missing tooth and then has a restoration attached, which is what is visible when you… Read more »