Dental Fillings in Philadelphia

When teeth are damaged from trauma, decay or when cracking of enamel occurs, these teeth may be repaired with a dental filling.  These fillings help to restore teeth to their original form and function.

Before a tooth is filled, the decayed or damaged part of the tooth is removed.  The tooth is then prepared to receive one of many filling material choices.

The Choice of which material is selected depends upon how much sound tooth remains, how much of the tooth is displayed when speaking or smiling and what your aesthetic and financial requirements are.

Teeth may be restored with:

1)      Gold.  Gold fillings are often the most expensive choice, but considered by most dental professionals as the best choice because gold wears like natural tooth and can be made to fill and fit the space of the deceased part of the tooth so well.  Gold has strength of its own, does not tarnish and can be made to duplicate the missing anatomic form.

2)      Silver amalgam.  Silver amalgam fillings is an alloy of silver, copper and tin.  This alloy is mixed or titurated with mercury to make an aplastic mix that can be condensed into the missing part of the tooth.  When the material is condensed , all of the free mercury is driven out and the remaining alloy is allowed to set and dry.  This material is economical and very durable.  There are no real health risks associated with it.  You may feel free to discuss any concerns with Dr. Breitman.  Every legitimate study by every legitimate organization and institutions have shown this to be completely safe.

3)      Composite resin.  This material is a white or tooth-colored plastic that can be bonded into place to replace the missing tooth structure.  While this material is aesthetic, it is not durable and will not last as long as gold or silver.

4)      Porcelain or Lithium Disilicate (E max).  When ultimate aesthetics are required a porcelain inlay or onlay can be made, outside of your mouth, by a dental laboratory.  This restoration is then fitted to your tooth and cemented.  While this type or filling is beautiful, it is both time-consuming and expensive.