3D Dental Imaging

Paperless Charting and Digital Technology

Although we still keep paper records and charts, we maintain all patient records on the computer.  This enables us to protect your healthcare information while being able to share it electronically and securely with other health care providers and insurance companies when needed.

Our office is constantly incorporating many cutting edge electronic digital technologies.

We were among the first offices to record radiographic, X-ray images on computer sensors instead of film.  Use of these sensors reduced patient exposure to X-ray radiation by 95 percent.

Recently, we introduced a cone beam computer tomograph, the most advanced three-dimensional imaging system available.  This allows us to place implants virtually so that we may accurately predict the suitability of your mouth for the placement of implants.

Using this advanced technology, we can also detect many other non-dental head and neck problems.  A board-certified radiologist reads and interprets every scan made in our office.

We also have applied digital technology in the fabrication of restorations and prosthesis with a 3D printer and milling machine.

Digital Imaging

By making a digital image of your face, teeth and gums, we are able to record the before and better predict the after.

The computer technology allows us to alter the image on the computer to show what we may be able to accomplish in your mouth.

Intra-Oral Video

An intra-oral video camera is a small camera about the size of a magic marker.  With this tool, we can project images of your teeth on the computer screen to help us better diagnose any problems and share that information visually with you.